The Best Online Courses for Remote Jobs and Online Business

Upon completion of a Google Career Certificate, you will gain access to an exclusive job platform where you can easily apply to opportunities from employers with open jobs. You clearly explained all the online certification courses related to digital marketing. Yes, the list contains some very good digital marketing courses that are free and come with a certification. You can also watch this video for a visual walkthrough of the best digital marketing courses online. Writing great content is essential for the success of any digital marketing campaign. Whether it’s ad copy, articles, or landing page copy, you need to learn how to write engaging content and this course is a great place to start. Grow with Google Digital Marketing CoursesBesides Digital Garage, Google is offering a number of digital marketing courses through Grow with Google and third-party providers.

Get started by calling companies you think you can promote and offering your services. Or you can check job board sites like Indeed or ZipRecruiter for open lead generation positions. Essential skills required for this type of online job are fantastic communication via phone and email, interpersonal skills, friendly customer service, negotiation, and persistence. SEO is the art and science of optimizing websites to rank on Google. SEO optimization has become super important but remains relatively easy to master.

Google Skillshop

An entry-level data scientist can earn on average INR 5–6 LPA. ], working professionals, and How to become a cloud engineer anyone who wants to restart their career after a gap year can look for job-oriented courses.

Which course is easy and high salary?

A few of the vast Short-term courses that offer high salary packages in India are Diploma in Web Designing, CFP Certification, Data Science, Business Analytics Certification Program, Diploma in Digital Marketing, etc.

But not all courses cover the course content in-depth or have industry-ready course content. If you are a graphic designer or are into coding, then this is the site for you. Their tutorials are available completely free (29,450 of them!).


If you want a good free course to get started with digital marketing, follow the Google Digital Garage course. Although copyblogger, studiopress, and Genesis are now part of WPEngine, Brian’s free Internet Marketing course is still a great resource to learn how to write great content. CopyBlogger Digital Marketing CourseOne of the most successful websites on Internet Marketing, especially when it comes to content writing is Copyblogger. To maintain your access to the course material and services, you have to pay a premium price of $399 per month. It is estimated that you will need at least 3 months to go through the material. If you are willing to spend the amount, there is definitely value to be gained from this course.

If you’re not sure what you want to study, but you know you want to take a course, these websites can help you find the best class for your goals. Please note that none of the companies mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed. Some of these courses are free, while others 9 reasons why I gave up on being a Mobile Developer The Startup come with a price tag. Some take just a few hours to complete, while others can be several weeks or a couple of months long. No matter the online course you wish to take, check that it suits your preferences and needs. It’s also a good idea to complete one from a reliable provider.

How to add online courses and certificates on a resume

According to their website, they guarantee that you’ll get a job in tech within six months of graduation — and if you don’t, you get your tuition back. Plus, you don’t have to spend hours searching for what to learn and where to learn it, because we curated a list of 47 online classes from awesome resources across the web. Whether you’re interested in learning programming, graphic design, writing, or a new language, there’s bound to be a class for you.

  • Via Fullstack Academy, you can opt for the 12-week Cyber Boot Camp online course by the University of Illinois Chicago, which is considered a top-tier school.
  • Accrediting agencies accredit schools nationally and globally.
  • If you already know the basics and worked through Google Garage and Semrush courses, you can use this course to go deeper and explore all bits and pieces of digital marketing.
  • Udemy Digital Marketing CoursesUdemy is one of the biggest online learning platforms.

In addition, they produce periodic financial statements for a company. They also ensure all financial documents and records are accurate.

Graphic Design

Whereas many small and medium sized businesses rely on freelancers to get this task done. The outline of free certificate courses can be viewed on all devices connected to the internet. You do not require any prequalification to take any course.

  • Getting a job in graphic or product design is a dream of many creative individuals.
  • One of the best ways to find flexible, legit online jobs is through the Steady app.
  • Working as an online English teacher can be an easy remote job for any native English speaker with an Internet connection.
  • We know that completing 105 lessons seems like a lot—but the majority of them are under 10 minutes.
  • If possible, always post your writing on your blog first and then repost on Medium, linking back to your original blog post.

Also you can go for Cloud Computing, Data Analytics Hadoop, BigData courses which are in demand nowdays. Anyone with or without prior knowledge in coding and programming languages can enroll for the online back-end development course on Crampete’s website.

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

The curriculum aligns with the International Society for Technology in Education standards for students. Plus, you don’t need prior tech experience, and you’ll be awarded an exam certificate. You can access all CreativeLive courses on-demand with a monthly or annual class pass. You can also purchase courses separately, with some courses available for free, as well.

For best results, you’ll need a niche as this will make you more knowledgeable about your subject and able to craft a more convincing pitch. However, you can’t expect to make this much money when you start out.

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Series of graduate level courses from top universities, providing deep learning in a specific career field and a path to a Master’s Degree. Whether you are interested in computer science, languages, engineering, psychology, writing, electronics, biology or marketing, we have the course for you! is an extension of, a leader in online courses. Whether you’re interested in learning for yourself, leveraging online courses to educate your workforce, or creating a MOOC, edX can help.

best online courses for jobs

No – but they offer training to become certified with recognized professional organizations. If you’re wondering which online course provider will meet your particular needs, we’ve done the research for you by scouring the worldwide web on your behalf. Some providers cover a broad range of subjects and careers, while others are more niche- specific. We’ve listed the professions catered to by each provider, so you’ll be sure to spot the ones that are the most relevant to you and of the most benefit to your career. The course is a great choice for those looking to make long-term career-related decisions.

Improving Communication Skills, Class Central

You can also find The Muse on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and Flipboard. Email marketing provider Constant Contact created this online tutorial to help you build and grow a social media presence for your brand or business. You’ll learn about a variety of platforms—including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Massive Open Online Courses are free online courses available for anyone to enroll. MOOCs provide an affordable and flexible way to learn new skills, advance your career and deliver quality educational experiences at scale.

best online courses for jobs

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